Preventive, Patient-Centered Membership Care
for Dr. Lutz' Medicare Advantage Patients

Notice for Dr. Lutz' Patients

Brobson Lutz, Jr., M.D.
2622 Jena Street
New Orleans, LA 7011

October 2017
Dear Patients,

You are an important and valued patient in my practice.

Unfortunately, the modern healthcare model churned by the insurance companies seems to have turned doctor visits into rides on a hamster wheel for both patients and primary care physicians. Hurricane Katrina didn't help as the number of primary care physicians in private practice since 2005 has decreased while the demand for private practice care has increased.

A recent randomly selected patient survey revealed that most of you believe that I've been attentive and addressed your immediate concerns, but all was not rosy. Many of you expressed a desire for more personalized healthcare including easier access, appointments that start on time, unhurried office visits, and fewer referrals to specialists and urgent care centers for problems usually handled by specialists in internal medicine.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a true primary care physician in your life who has your optimal health as a goal.

I understand your frustration in spending more time in the waiting room than with your physician and that it can be difficult to schedule appointments on short notice at convenient times. I share your desire to understand all aspects of your healthcare; which mandates enhanced coordination with your specialists. That's why I've decided to roll back the clock and practice medicine the way it was before "third party" involvements.

Here's how I'm going to do it:

On January 1, 2018, I will be turning my practice into a Patient-Centered Membership Model that will allow me to enhance your care. Some benefits of this new model may be:

Annual Checkup
  • individualized treatment plan
  • prevention and wellness focused

Unparalleled Availability
  • fewer patients means longer appointment times for members
  • direct contact information for after-hours emergencies
  • same or next-day visits that start on-time

Coordination of Care
  • referral coordination and assistance
  • quarterbacking your care with specialists

To claim your spot as a member, a membership fee, not covered by insurance, is required. This program will not replace your health insurance plan, but will provide unparalleled attentiveness to needs and services not provided for by insurance. Other names for these retainer-based plans are concierge or boutique medicine.

Hopefully you will move with me from crisis care to preventive, patient-centered care with the peace of mind that comes with membership. To hear more about this retainer based medical plan including costs, I want you to speak with my dedicated Patient Liaison - Paula Templeton - who will be available to tell you more about membership benefits and handle inquiries about how this change will affect you directly. Paula will be able to sign you up to become a member in my practice. The number of patients in my practice will be capped, but present patients will have priority on availability.

As always, my passion is to make your optimal health my priority.

To your health,

Brobson Lutz, Jr., MD

PS: Avoid the hassles of modern-day healthcare with me. Let's move together from crisis care to preventive, patient-centered care and experience the peace of mind that comes with membership. For more information await Paula's call or call her direct at (504) 507-1211.

How do get more information and join this program?

this brochure for more information, or visit this site to watch my video or request more information. To join the program, use this form.

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