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Our office is conveniently located at 2622 Jena Street next to Ochsner Baptist Medical Center, 2 blocks from Napoleon Avenue, and is home to Drs. Combs and Lutz and their staff.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 to 4 with early closing on Fridays. Please call (504) 895-0361 for an appointment.

Visitor parking
is available to the rear of the building. More . . .

Important Announcements from Dr. Lutz

We now offer the convenience of TeleVisits!
Enjoy the quality of an office visit,
without leaving your home
(3/24/20) Telemedicine uses the most up-to-date technology to bring quality medical care to you wherever you are. With telemedicine, healthcare professionals are able to address their patients' needs remotely for many common conditions and ailments.

The first step is to call and schedule it with your provider. For many people today, telemedicine is a convenient and effective way to see their healthcare provider. Before beginning your TeleVisit, make sure that you:
  • Have an active Patient Portal account, with username and password
  • Set aside a secure, private location

Read these 2 documents to learn more about registering for Televisit:

I have decided to turn my practice into
a Patient-Centered Membership Model

(10/1/17) The need for primary care physicians has grown faster than the availability of PCP's especially after Hurricane Katrina. As the number of new patients needing a PCP expanded, the waiting time for an appointment increased and the amount of time per visit decreased. I like the idea of spending more time on fewer patients, same or next day appointments, and the ability to schedule patients without causing them to wait. A reception room should be just that - a reception room, not a waiting room.

After long and careful consideration, I have decided to turn my practice into a Patient-Centered Membership Model on January 1, 2018. Doing this will allow me to enhance your care. Some benefits of this new model ...
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Flu Shots 2024
Everyone over 6 months of age needs to get influenza immunization during October before the flu season starts.

Our office uses only vaccines manufactured in the United States. Please call us at (504) 895-0361 to schedule an immunization date.

And remember, immunization for influenza DOES NOT cause the flu.
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Health Tips
  • Exercise for 30 Minutes 3-5 Times A Week
  • Reduce Fat & Cholesterol
  • Maintain Correct Weight & Blood Pressure
  • Avoid Tobacco Products & Second Hand Smoke
  • Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Avoid High Risk Sexual Behavior
  • Avoid Excessive Exposure to Sun
  • Avoid Other High Risk Activities
  • Read More . . .
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